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Gig date: 27/7/13

Venue: Venom Club Sydney (Agincourt Hotel)

What a night! Perpetual End recently played at Venom, Sydney’s home of metal, amongst a massive line up of well-known names on the scene. Having launched their new album Blood Complex only the night before in their hometown of Canberra, these guys were totally energised, putting on one hell of a show!

One of the few metal bands currently including a keyboardist (TJ Truesdale) amongst their ranks, Perpetual End stands out from the rest both in their sound and their appearance. Easily stealing the spotlight are vocalist Dean McLaren and bassist Lindsay Mercovich, their eyes blazing with stunning fiery contact lenses. McLaren begins the set clad entirely in black, face and eyes obscured by hood, mask, and goggles, confronting the audience as a post-apocalyptic creature that barely seems human. At times even his voice is warped by inhuman effects as the sound of TJ’s synths blast around him. After the first songs, he finally reveals his face and still his eyes speak of alien worlds. But while their vocalist remains on stage amongst the rest of the band, it is the bassist who stands up front, getting in the faces of the audience. Mercovich attacks his instrument with precision, flashing his demonic eyes into the crowd where they can see up close and personal the full fire of his passion. That’s not to diminish the role of the other band members however. Guitarists Danny Falls and Leith Wilson alternate between driving the brutality of the band and pulling back the dynamics for the keyboardist to shine, in a perfect example of tension and release. Meanwhile drummer Nick Smith keeps tight time and reinforces the entire feel of the band’s epic sound. Every member is also appropriately attired for the post-apocalyptic world they create in their music, perfectly matching the dystopian future constructed in Blood Complex.

All up, this band knows how to put on an awesome show. They have all the details covered, sonically and aesthetically, to draw their audience into another world. Be sure to follow these guys! For now, Sydney will have to wait impatiently for their return, but when they do, the horns are sure to be raised high! \m/

Check out Perpetual End’s website:



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