MYCAMEO: A poorly maintained music blog… Mostly reviews, sometimes more.

1. Facing Zero
Check these guys out first. Go see them live. Entertaining to watch with great rocking music, their only flaw is their inability to market themselves, so give them a hand! You won’t regret it! These boys have some fucking potential!

2. Swamp Harlot
Another up and coming band, with THREE guitars! Count them, that’s THREE guitars, and the sound is massive! Have a listen to their single “Rise” linked below and you’ll instantly hear that these guys are different to your average metal band on the scene. With a second single coming out in September, this is a band to watch, dance, and sing along to!

3. Before Ciada
Rising out of the ashes of Deconstructivist and currently on tour in Germany, these boys are going places (literally, bahaha). Brutal in every way, grab a copy of their EP, then stalk the crap out of them when they get back to Sydney. Sing it out! “DEATH CAN’T FUCKING STOP ME!!”

4. Wintergaunt
This is my band, so I’m obviously biased, but even I can tell that the music we make is something different. We’ve been described as “standing out” from other bands due to the variety of influences in our music – from the heaviest of metal right down to a fucked up jazz fusion. Female fronted, by an icy she-demon who sings, growls, screams and plays violin, you’ll definitely get a unique musical experience!

5. Acid Nymph
Fronted by the sensual, tortured soul of Lily Nightmare (Christie White), this circus of sleazy clowns is one of the few local bands to offer an integrated entertainment package, from the music to the stage image. With lyrics born of genuine suffering, ex-Simulacra vocalist Ms Nightmare brings us into her world of madness, betrayal and irresistible sexuality unique to the Sydney metal scene. Watch this girl!

6. Amodus
Already well known, if you haven’t been following this band, GET THE FUCK ON IT! In a complete role reversal to the norm, this is a female metal band fronted by a guy, making this band an instant standout. Their debut album “Smokescreen” is available on iTunes and totally worth it, so get your greedy metal hands on a copy. Then come rock out with Fucking ‘Modus live!

7. Foundry Road
Another veteran of the local scene, the mysterious eXplain of Foundry Road is sure to disturb and shock you! When I first saw this band, that crazy clown was screaming in the face of a small girl – who was loving every brutal second of it! Do I really need to say more? Releasing a crowd-funded EP in the near future, keep an eye on these boys. Go support their Indiegogo campaign too! The creepy clown will give you a hug…

8. Mayfall
Chug chug chug! Get your headbanging on! With awesome breakdowns transitioning to soaring melodic guitar solos then back again, this band is just a bloody metal pleasure to listen to and rock out with! Keep an eye on them while your ears bleed, fuck yeah!

9. Dawn Heist
Another huge talent already well established in Sydney… and beyond! Heavy us fuck, but pushing the boundaries, if you can’t find something to like in these guys, there’s something wrong with you! Go listen. Go mosh. DO IT!

10. Fenrir
Heavy metal flute. Read it again. HEAVY METAL FLUTE!!! Having recently supported folk metal legends Eluveitie, these Vikings are something else! This is the kind of music you could take onto the battlefield. And did I mention? HEAVY METAL FUCKING FLUTE!!!


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